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Kickball pickups

Volo offers pre-scheduled pick-up games at the best fields in the city! Our pick-up games are recreational level unless otherwise noted and do not have pre-constructed teams. We provide equipment & set up the field, so all you have to do is show up ready to play. Specially trained Volo staff will help facilitate the game so that you can make the most of your time. Pick-up games are a great way to meet some new people that you don’t usually play with!


Competition Levels

Super Social leagues are great for anyone looking for a party at the field and the bar! These leagues require no experience playing the sport and players are primarily there to have fun. The super social level is great for anyone looking to make new friends, find a love connection, and make some new memories!

Recreational leagues are for players who have minimal to no experience. This level is geared toward people who want to have friendly competition and then head to the bar.

Intermediate leagues are for players who have played before and are seeking a little more competition. People at this level have a good understanding of the rules and have the basic skills down.

Upper Intermediate leagues are for players who have been playing the sport for a while and are looking for competitive games. People playing at this level demonstrate strong skills in the game & have a full understanding of the rules. They may have previously played JV or in the intermediate level and are ready to level up.

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Founded and headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland in 2010, Volo is a community based organization with over 240,000 users across the United States.

Volo provides year-round access for adults 21+ to participate in a variety of sports, fitness, tournaments and social activities.

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