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Volo DC Kickball League is your #1 destination for adult kickball leagues in Washington, DC. Our coed adult National Mall Kickball leagues are a great way to play a sport you love while developing new friendships. We want YOU to come out, play some kickball, and make new friends. You can join our extremely social kickball league as a team, small group of friends or solo. Playing kickball is as D.C. as the 9:30 Club so get out there and make some memories!

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Kickball leagues

Volo sports coed national mall kickball leagues operate a lot like the sports leagues of your youth. We accept teams with 16 players or more in order to field 11v11 games. Teams must use a catcher if they have a full 11-player roster in attendance. A team must have a minimum of 6 players to begin or continue a game, including at least two females. Volo leagues are coed, so each team is limited to six men on their field at a time with at least two women. If you don't have enough players to join your team, we'll combine your team with another group in a similar situation to ensure full rosters and prevent forfeits. In Volo kickball leagues, each game has six three-out innings or 45 minutes of playtime — whichever comes first. If the game is getting close to the forty minute mark, each team will receive notice at the start of the inning if that inning will be the final frame. We provide referees to oversee every match and enforce league rules. Teams will receive two points toward league standings for every win. Most of our leagues are 5 to 8 weeks and culminate in a series of playoff games to crown a champion! A team t-shirt is always included with registration and you will receive it at your first game. Volo provides referees, equipment, prizes, and specially trained staff members for your game. We strive to keep the games fair, safe, and stress free so that all you need to do is show up, play, socialize, and have a great time!


Styles of Play

Available Formats

coed 11v11
Minimum Roster Size:
16 | 2 Male | 5 Female
Maximum Players on Field:
11 | 6 Male 
Minimum Players to Start Game:
6  | 2 Female


Buzzard Point Blacktop Kickball

1880 2nd St SW, Washington, DC 20024, USA


Welcome to Volo Fields! We created our own blacktop kickball fields where we can play & party! Join us for traditional Kickball or the only Cup-in-Hand Kickball leagues in the city.

National Mall - 15th St

2 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20024, USA


Our adult social sports leagues are the perfect way to join a community of fun-loving, active people, and we’ve got something for everyone. Play in the heart of DC on the corner of 15th St. across from the African American History Museum.

National Mall - 17th St

130 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006, USA


Our adult social sports leagues are the perfect way to join a community of fun-loving, active people, and we’ve got something for everyone. Play in the most popular spot on the Mall between the Washington Monument and World War II Memorial.

Stead Park

1625 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036, USA


Stead Park is one of the premier turf fields in the city. Our social and competitive leagues at Stead are a perfect way to join a community of fun-loving people while staying active. Located in the heart of Dupont, you can choose the sport and day of the week that works best for you.

Brentwood Hamilton Park

1300 6th St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA


Brentwood-Hamilton field is one of the premier turf fields in the city. Join Volo next to Union Market for everything from Flag Football to Kickball!

Upcoming Kickball Events in Washington DC

Kickball+ Flip-Cup. (11v11 Coed) - Thursday - National Mall - August 2022
Thursday, August 11 2022

The ultimate DC Social Sports Experience returns with Kickball + Flip-Cup at...

Kickball + Flip-Cup (11v11 Coed) - Wednesday - National Mall - August 2022
Wednesday, August 10 2022

Make the middle of the week something to look forward to with Kickball ...

Kickball +Flip Cup (11v11 Coed) - Tuesday - National Mall - August 2022
Tuesday, August 09 2022

Tuesdays are the new Thursdays for kickball! What makes playing Kickball on ...

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